Bring your ideas to life!

Do you dream of creating the next big app? Do you know how innovative tech solutions can help your school, town, and region? If you want to be an entrepreneur or have a killer idea to pitch to the world but you don’t know where to start, then your waiting is at an end!

The EU Code Week Hackathon begins with a challenge to develop a code that solves a real-life challenge in just 12-hours. The 10 most successful teams will then receive training and mentoring from experts in this field, in order to prepare them for the second and final round, from which the ultimate winner will be selected. The lucky team will win further coaching and mentoring of their ideas and cool IT equipment. The winning team will also secure a spot at the European pitch where all the hackathon winners will present their ideas to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.

The EU Code Week hackathon is sure to fuel your curiosity, inspire your creativity, encourage your entrepreneurial spirit, and bring your ideas to life.

Practical Info

The Hackathon will take place onsite on the 9 October 2021
The Hackathon is free of charge.


The EU Code Week hackathon has three distinct rounds
  1. The 24-hour online hackathon. Out of all those competing, only 12 teams will be chosen to remain in the competition. Free online training and mentoring for all 12 teams, during summer 2021.
  2. The final: the physical hackathon. 10 teams will have all received equal training in the second round, but only one will win. Secondary school students aged 15-19 will compete in teams to solve a ‘local challenge’ selected from proposals submitted ahead of the first round.
  3. Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.
In 2021, EU Code Week brings six extraordinary hackathons and invites students aged 15-19 in upper secondary school to form teams and use their coding skills to solve a local challenge. After 24 hours of hacking, each team will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts who will choose the 12 final teams. All teams will have the same amount of time, resources, and access to mentors and expertise in order to complete the challenge, but only 12 will get the chance to continue to the next round, develop their prototype, get expert coaching and take part in the final hackathon in the autumn. In the final the teams will battle it out to decide who wins IT accessories and the chance of mentoring and coaching to further develop their prototype.

Your team is not guaranteed a place in the second round even if you successfully solve the challenge. Remember you are in competition with the other teams and the jury will take your method, use of time and quality of the prototype into consideration to select the successful candidates!

If your team is one of the 12 finalists, you can work on your idea over the summer. To assist you, we will offer you free trainings for development and UX Design. Your team will also get the help of a mentor who ensures that you are on the right path.

The 12 finalist teams will meet in a 12-hour hackathon on the 9 October 2021. Here teams will compete to be the nation’s best young hackers and get the chance to win prizes such as cool IT equipment as well as further coaching and mentoring of their ideas.

Congratulations to all the participants of this first edition of the European Code Week hackathon, it was a real pleasure to have you with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

A special big up to the winning teams. The teams selected for the final, which will take place the 9 October 2021, are the following:
  • TechGate|Gateway to the Future
  • Reboot-Rebels
  • Talos_programmers
  • Scriptholics
  • HackAcode
  • Greecathon
  • rogrammers
  • VK
  • Script
  • Lab Web
We look forward to seeing you there. Coaching and rewards guaranteed!

Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021. The European champion will, besides the glory, win additional IT equipment.

Jury & Mentors

Imagine being in a virtual room full of designers, developers, creators, coders and business mentors, all with the same curiosity and drive as you. EU Code Week Hackathon Greece brings together leading figures from the Worlds of business, IT, venture capital, education, as well as local, national and EU leaders, influencers and coaches to guide and support you and your team during this intensive marathon.

Dimitrios Tzimas

Dimitrios Tzimas received the B.Sc degree in Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and the M.Sc degree in “Digital Signal Processing for Communications and Multimedia” University of Athens, Greece.
He is currently a PhD student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests include Learning Analytics and MOOCs. He has published many scientific articles in journals and conference proceedings. He teaches Computer Science in secondary and higher education for the last 21 years. He is a co-author of 4 Greek books about computer programming.

Ioannis Papikas

Ioannis has entered the world of entrepreneurship around 8 years ago and helped build web applications with his team in various industries.
Also participated in the "Entrepreneur First" accelerator in London, building his own startup. Ioannis is currently a Senior Product Manager at Orfium.

John Fanidis

My name is John Fanidis, I am 27 years old and I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I have been passionate about development since my days in high school when I first started learning how to design and write simple web and mobile applications.
For the last 7 years I have been part of many amazing and incredibly talented teams in more than 20 web and mobile projects. I currently work both as Lead Frontend Engineer in Exandia, based in Thessaloniki and as a freelancer mobile developer.

Lida Papatzika

Lida Papatzika works at Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. as communications manager. She holds extensive experience in the fields of marketing and promotion of projects relevant to the regional innovation ecosystem.

Nikolas Goulias

Nikolas is the IBM - Red Hat Synergy Lead Architect in the UK&I empowering IBM with Red Hat's open source innovation and helping customers define strategies, architect and solve problems with technology.

Achilleas Yfantis

Achilleas Yfantis have created various startups and worked in various companies such as Citrix.
I'm and automation security testing engineer, my field of knowledge includes: kybernetes, microservices, shell, containers, azure, ci/cd, github, Python, golang.

Alex Papadakis

Alex Papadakis is a Tech Consultant with experience of business development, sales and client account management in multiple international markets (UKI,Spain,Greece,Cyprus) across various business verticals.
He joined Amazon Web Services in 2019 as a Business Development Representative. Before joining Amazon he has worked for Google, Coca-Cola, Public Retail World S.A holding various roles in Sales and Marketing. He holds a BSc in International Business from University of Kent and an MSc in Management from CASS Business School.

Andriana Vera

My name is Andriana Vera, currently I am studying at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens - Department of Informatics and Telecommunications.
At the moment, I work as a part-time modern workplace developer at Team CANDI/InfoQuest Technologies. Motivated and excited about the tech field, I enjoy spending time learning and sharing my knowledge.

Antigoni Kakouri

5th-year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador since January 2021.

Athanasios Dimou

Geomentor. Employee of the Ministry of Culture. Geoinformatic and Surveyor engineer with 2 Master deggrees. First place with his 4member team on NASA Space Apps 2017 in Greece.
Mentor, judge and supporter in many Hackathons, Datathlons (Nasa Space Apps, MIT Covid-19 Challenge, Healthahtlon, Tap2open, Copernicus 2019-2020, Ίδρυμα Ευγενίδου - Hack the Lab, Global Hack, Antivirus Hackathon, HackCoronaGreece and many more). President of Panhellenic Association of Graduates of GeoInformatics and Surveying Engineering

Despoina Ioannidou

Despoina Ioannidou, graduated with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cnam. After a few years of working as data-scientist and computer vision engineer, she co-founded an AI startup, Trayvisor where she’s leading the tech as CTO.

Evangelia Iakovaki

My name is Evangelia Iakovaki, i am Physicist and I work as a Physicist in a public high school.I also work as a guidance counselor for students

Giannis Prapas

My name is Giannis Prapas and I am an Account Executive focusing on Digital Native Businesses in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
My job is to enable organizations to innovate and easily build sophisticated and scalable applications by using AWS services.

Ilias Karabasis

I am currently working as a Full Stack Software Engineer, while exploring the field of Data Science and AI. I also joined recently the MS Learn Student Ambassadors Program.
My expertise is in.NET Technologies, C# and Angular. I am familiar with Python as well several Machine Learning and Data Science Frameworks.

Dr. Konstantinos Fouskas

Dr. Konstantinos Fouskas, is Associate Profesor of “Digital Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation” in the Department of Applied informatics at the University of Macedonia. He is teaching in the area of digital innovation and entrepreneurship, e-business and e-commerce, technology management and Digital transformation.
He is also teaching and collaborating with a number of other Academic Institutes in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece and worldwide. His has over 50 research articles published in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences and he has participated in more than 30 funded International and National research projects related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and ICT.

Marina Stavrakantonaki

Greetings from AWS! I am a Public Policy Manager for Amazon Web Services, covering Greece and Cyprus. My educational and work experience background is in Public Policy, Business Strategy and my PhD on Epidemiology. I am happy to assist the students where they need me.

Nikos Zachariadis

Nikos is basically a chemist. He studied chemistry, but he soon discovered that chemical compounds are less interesting than human relationships. However, chemistry explains analytically the processes of life, so its reduction to “human compounds” leads to a wonderful way of thinking. In his professional career so far, for about 22 years, Nikos promotes and strengthens formal sales people to people who produce profitable work, with respect and commitment to their collaborators and customers. Nikos does not like numbers. Numbers are just a result that is easy to come, if people can overcome the concept of “opposite” and move on to the concept of “together”.
In the last 6 years he is living the dream of his life, applying his whole experience, devoting all his energy and enjoying every minute of the day at Lancom as Chief Commercial Officer. His experience is at your disposal, along with his passion for discussions and sharing ideas. You can find Nikos at Lancom’s HQ or send him an email

Rodanthi Alexiou

My name is Rodanthi Alexiou and I currently study Computer Science in the University of Athens. I am a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, a General Organizer in Google’s Developer Student Club, a member of the Operations team of Mindspace NPO and my passions are Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. You can find my tech blogs here:

Triantafyllos Paschaleris

A Business Intelligence Developer with passion about technology. A curious learner with love for volunteering in IT. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Big Data Analytics.

Katerina Katmada

Katerina is a designer with coding background, skilled in visual identity, UI/UX and data visualization design. She has studied Computer Science (BSc, MSc) and Product Design (MSc), and currently works as a visual designer at Geekbot.
She is interested in creating accessible and enjoyable designs for various platforms, starting by defining user needs and translating them into tangible concepts, while reinforcing the brand’s voice through consistent visual touchpoints.

Alexandra Hatsiou

Alexandra is from Athens and works as a Business Development Representative at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Madrid, supporting AWS customers based in Central Eastern Europe. She has an background in Economics and Management and before AWS she worked in Marketing.

Demetris Bakas

Demetris Bakas is a Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and a Computer Engineering student from the University of Patras, passionate with software engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Dimitra Iordanidou

Dimitra Iordanidou has a financial background and works for Thessaloniki Innovation Zone as Head of Financial Services. She has a working experience in budgeting and financial monitoring. In addition, she was involved several years in running championships as a marathon runner and she has founded and organizes for a 4th year a project for runners and kids Koufalia Hill Run. She holds a master's degree in Business Administration (Bath University, UK) and a degree in Economics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Dimitris Dimosiaris

Dimitris Dimosiaris is co-founder at Founderhood, which aims to impact every human life by giving to each tech startup founder, anywhere, access to the best resources. In the past he has been part of two startup projects. He is founding member in the first student-run entrepreneurship club in Greece, ThinkBiz. Founding member & ex-chairman of the Non-profit organization Mindspace which is based on National Technical University of Athens and its activities spread across Greece. Dimitris has extensive experience in designing and building innovative web products.

Georgia Margia

Professional in software engineering for over 6 years. Has built software, related to demand forecasting, which is used by large retail companies in U.S., England and Russia. Currently, working as a Database Reporting Analyst, dealing with storing, management and manipulation of data in order to create reports, analyze patterns and trends and provide findings to be taken into account for strategic and operational decisions and actions.

Konstantinos Chaliasos

My name is Konstantinos Chaliasos and I am based in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am passionate about all aspects of software development with a strong focus on web and mobile applications. For the past 10 years I have worked with teams all over the world on exciting projects with the goal of increasing our quality of life using tech.Currently working both as a Lead Software Engineer in Exandia and as a freelancer Software Engineer.

Kostas Kalogirou

CEO Exandia. Business executive with tech orientation, seasoned executive in visual communication and experienced design educator. Assistant curator at Thessaloniki Design Museum, has co-organised exhibitions in Europe and USA. Design educator and guest lecturer in design events around Greece and jury member in national and international graphic design competitions. Will assist Hackathon teams in business aspects of software product development and pitching.

Maria-Anastasia Moustaka

Maria-Anastasia Moustaka is an undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Patras and Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. She has also been teaching robotics and programming for the last four years and has excelled in global robotics competitions with the Robotics Club of the University of Patras.

Mixalis Nikolaidis

I’m a Senior Software Engineer, Consultant and Trainer. I’m mainly interested in the development of innovative cloud solutions that take full advantage of the Microsoft technology stack. I have worked on multiple projects providing quality services both in team environments and independently.

Nikiforos Botis

Nikiforos works as a Solutions Architect (SA) at Amazon Web Services, looking after Public Sector customers in Greece and Cyprus. In his role as an SA, he is responsible for helping customers in their digital transformation journey by sharing best practices for architecting successful solutions at the AWS Cloud. Prior to joining AWS (2.5 years ago), Nikiforos pursued a MSc in Computer Science at Imperial College London and a BSc in Management Science and Technology at Athens University of Economics and Business.

Panayiotis Antoniou

Hi, my name is Panayiotis Antoniou, I am currently living in London where I work as a Solutions Architect in AWS. I was born and raised in Cyprus and I came to the UK to study my Bachelors in Computer Science. I have an interest in Analytics, Networking and Sustainability. Outside work I like playing racket sports, guitar and watching films.

Anastasia Papadou

Anastasia is a Senior Business Development Representative at Amazon Web Services, supporting AWS growth across EMEA. She has 5 years of experience in implementing/selling cloud technologies and she has an academic background in Management Science and Technology.

Konstantina Tagkopoulou

Konstantina Tagkopoulou is passionate about entrepreneurship, and has experience working with startups and scaleups across Europe. Since she joined Amazon Web Services in 2019, she has supported startups on their cloud journey and go-to-market strategy. Prior to AWS, she worked for a B2B SaaS startup in London, focusing on commercial growth and strategic business development. She holds a BSc in Sociology from the University of Bath and an MSc in Sociology from the University of Oxford.

Dimitrios Kourtesis

Dimitrios Kourtesis is a technology entrepreneur and partner at Ideas Forward, a technology venture studio based in Thessaloniki, Greece. He enjoys exploring applications of new software technologies to interesting problems and exploring applications of new business models to interesting markets. Working in tech since 2005, he has collected experiences as R&D software engineer, PhD researcher, product development consultant, startup founder, advisor to growing businesses and angel investor.

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EU Code Week (#CodeWeek) is a grassroots movement run by volunteers to promote digital literacy through activities linked to coding and computer science. It inspires and engages people to explore new ideas and innovation for the future. Activities for EU Code Week take place all over the world between 9 and 24 October.

The idea of the EU Code Week Hackathon is to show how concrete solutions come to life with the help of young people’s creativity, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and coding skills. The hackathons are created and co-organised by the European Commission and local EU Code Week Ambassadors The initiative is financed by the European Parliament

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