Illustrate a joke with bitsy
This challenge has been written by Margot Schubert and is part of the EU CODE WEEK CHALLENGES.
Target Audience
  1. Primary School students (6 to 12 years)
  2. Lower Secondary School students (12 to 16 years)
  3. Upper Secondary School students (16 to 18 years)
  1. Beginner
  1. 1 hour
Recommended Materials
  1. bitsy runs in a browser
  1. To design a little game where the user finds the answer to a joke question.
The students design a game where the user finds the answer to a joke question when the figure hits an object on the playing field. The students use basic features of bitsy to complete the challenge.
  • Think of a joke question. Go to bitsy and start a new project. You will need:
  • an avatar - sprite that you can move around
  • an object to which your avatar has to go
  • a room - the background of your program
  • two messages: a question and an answer
  • The finished game can be downloaded as an html file.
Share the link to your work in your Instagram Bio: tap the Edit Profile button on your Instagram and add the link to your work in the Website field. After that, create a new post, add a screenshot of your work, write “Link in Bio”, add the hashtag #EUCodeWeekChallenge and mention @CodeWeekEU.
Click here to download this challenge as a word document.