Craft Magic with AI Hand Gestures
This challenge has been written by Georgia Lascaris and is part of the EU CODE WEEK CHALLENGES.
Target Audience
  1. Teachers and educators
  2. Primary School students (6 to 12 years)
  3. Lower Secondary School students (12 to 16 years)
  1. Intermediate
  1. 90 min for students 10-12
  2. 45 min for students 12-15
Recommended Materials
  1. Programming platform (free)
  2. teacher account (free)
  3. student account (free)
  4. Computers with camera
  5. Internet connection
  1. To cultivate coding skills among students, allowing them to use basic commands.
  2. To develop algorithmic thinking skills by breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps.
  1. To encourage creative problem-solving in finding unique applications of hand gestures for drawing and writing.
  2. To foster an understanding of AI concepts, particularly how AI enables computers to recognize and interpret hand gestures.
  1. To raise awareness about the significance of technology for individuals with disabilities.
  2. To promote collaborative problem-solving and teamwork among students as they work together to improve their hand gesture programs.
  1. To connect coding and computational thinking skills to real-world applications, emphasizing the meaningful impact of technology on people's lives and aligning with Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).
Create a Scratch block-based program using the AI “Human Body” extension in a creative and engaging way, in order to draw on a screen without the need for a traditional mouse or touchscreen.
  • Connect to the and create a teacher & students accounts.
  • Import the extensions ‘Human Body Detection’,’ Pen’,’ Text to Speech’.
  • Add the ‘Pencil’ Sprite from the library and create 7 sprites (‘write’, ‘clear’, ‘black’, ‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘green’, ‘pink’).
  • Write commands to check what happens when the ‘pencil’ sprite touches one of the other sprites.
  • Write commands to enable the camera to recognize Hand Pose and move the pencil to the x and y coordinates of your index finger.
  • Change costume at the end of the roll.
  • Add sound effects.
Share the link to your work in your Instagram Bio: tap the Edit Profile button on your Instagram and add the link to your work in the Website field. After that, create a new post, add a screenshot of your work, write “Link in Bio”, add the hashtag #EUCodeWeekChallenge and mention @CodeWeekEU.
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