Make a chatbot
This challenge has been written by EU Code Week Team and is part of the EU CODE WEEK CHALLENGES.
Target Audience
  1. Teachers
  2. Students (12-18)
  1. Advanced
  1. 1 hour
Recommended Materials
  1. Pencil code
  2. Machine learning for kids
  1. Code interactive riddles
  2. Use code to create dialogues between a chatbot and a user
Code a conversation between a chatbot and a user who is trying to solve a riddle. Try to make a chatbot that can chat like a person. Instead of a riddle you can create a dialogue between a chatbot and a user.
  • Think of a riddle.
  • Log in to Pencil Code or create a new account. (When creating a new account keep in mind that real names are not allowed on Pencil Code due to privacy reasons.)
  • Click Imagine and Make your own.
  • Use blocks or text-based mode to write your riddle.
  • Alternatively, you can use this code 1 and adapt it to your riddle or you can select Answering a riddle from the menu and edit it .
Share the link to your work in your Instagram Bio: tap the Edit Profile button on your Instagram and add the link to your work in the Website field. After that, create a new post, add a screenshot of your work, write “Link in Bio”, add the hashtag #EUCodeWeekChallenge and mention @CodeWeekEU.
Check out this example of a riddle.
1. This code has been Adapted from Pencil Code activity Answering the Riddle
Click here to download this challenge as a word document.