Bring your ideas to life!

Do you dream of creating the next big app? Do you know how innovative tech solutions can help your school, town, and region? If you want to be an entrepreneur or have a killer idea to pitch to the world but you don’t know where to start, then your waiting is at an end!

The EU Code Week Hackathon begins with a challenge to develop a code that solves a real-life challenge in just 24-hours. The 10 most successful teams will then receive training and mentoring from experts in this field, in order to prepare them for the second and final round, from which the ultimate winner will be selected. The lucky team will win further coaching and mentoring of their ideas and cool IT equipment. The winning team will also secure a spot at the European pitch where all the hackathon winners will present their ideas to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.

The EU Code Week hackathon is sure to fuel your curiosity, inspire your creativity, encourage your entrepreneurial spirit, and bring your ideas to life.

Practical Info

The Hackathon will take place on the 24-25 September 2021.
The Hackathon is free of charge.


The EU Code Week hackathon has three distinct rounds
  1. The 24-hour online hackathon. Out of all those competing, only 12 teams will be chosen to remain in the competition. Free online training and mentoring for all 12 teams, during summer 2021.
  2. The final: 12 teams will have all received equal training in the second round, but only one will win. Secondary school students aged 15-19 will compete in teams to solve a ‘local challenge’ selected from proposals submitted ahead of the first round.
  3. Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.
In 2021, EU Code Week brings six extraordinary hackathons and invites students aged 15-19 in upper secondary school to form teams and use their coding skills to solve a local challenge. After 24 hours of hacking, each team will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts who will choose the 12 final teams. All teams will have the same amount of time, resources, and access to mentors and expertise in order to complete the challenge, but only 12 will get the chance to continue to the next round, develop their prototype, get expert coaching and take part in the final hackathon in the autumn. In the final the teams will battle it out to decide who wins IT accessories and the chance of mentoring and coaching to further develop their prototype.

Your team is not guaranteed a place in the second round even if you successfully solve the challenge. Remember you are in competition with the other teams and the jury will take your method, use of time and quality of the prototype into consideration to select the successful candidates!

If your team is one of the 12 finalists, you can work on your idea over the summer. To assist you, we will offer you free trainings for development and UX Design. Your team will also get the help of a mentor who ensures that you are on the right path.

The 12 finalist teams will meet in a 12-hour hackathon on 24-25 September. Here teams will compete to be the nation’s best young hackers and get the chance to win prizes such as cool IT equipment as well as further coaching and mentoring of their ideas.

Congratulations to all the participants of this first edition of the European Code Week hackathon, it was a real pleasure to have you with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

A special big up to the winning teams. The teams selected for the final, which will take place the 24-25 September, are the following:
  • 2asaVallone
  • Blastar
  • CreativeMinds
  • Einaudi's Cool restaurant
  • TecFanti
  • GSV
  • ativiI Cre
  • LauranaLiceo
  • Multiskills
  • Phreeko
  • Poggers
  • Tehcs
We look forward to seeing you there. Coaching and rewards guaranteed!

Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021. The European champion will, besides the glory, win additional IT equipment.

Jury & Mentors

Imagine being in a virtual room full of designers, developers, creators, coders and business mentors, all with the same curiosity and drive as you. EU Code Week Hackathon Italy brings together leading figures from the Worlds of business, IT, venture capital, education, as well as local, national and EU leaders, influencers and coaches to guide and support you and your team during this intensive marathon.

Francesco Piero Paolicelli

Francesco Piero Paolicelli, known as Piersoft in every socials network.
Coding and Making expert, Arduino Educational Trainer, Data Scientist and Data Viz Expert
University professor at LUM (University Luis Monnet )School of Management for OpenData and OpenGovernment
Champion of CoderDojo club Lecce

Gianluca Orpello

Hi, my name is Gianluca Orpello. I’m an Apple Certified Trainer and a freelance Mentor in Italy. I specialise in iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS app design and develop, web and app design, Client-Server protocol & API design.
I also have knowledge in User Interaction & User Experience, and Project Management.

Luca Versari

Luca Versari works on the JPEG XL standard as a Software Engineer for Google.
In the past, he tutored Italian Computer Science Olympiads students preparing for international competitions.

Alessandra Valenti

Alessandra Valenti is Customer Success Manager for Microsoft Education. Expert in new technologies for teaching, she deals in particular with the design and development of multimedia languages necessary to train the professionals of the future through the knowledge of digital tools for the innovative school.
Through training activities for Italian students and teachers it promotes interactive solutions and learning experiences related to the world of education and culture, from the video game of Minecraft Education Edition to the development of a more sustainable and inclusive teaching. In the past she trained programming and robotics, e-learning platforms, virtual reality and STEM in schools.

Maura Sandri

Research technologist of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), coordinator of the working group for the development of coding and educational robotic resources for the school, web admin for, Italian leading teacher, mentor of the CoderDojo Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO).

Paolo Ganci

Once only a computer programmer, today a passionate supporter of coding as Co-Champion of CoderDojo Etneo in Catania.

Christel Sirocchi

Christel Sirocchi is a biotechnologist and genetic engineer turned computer scientist. She gained experience as a researcher and educator in the UK, Belgium and Turkey, where she managed the science department in one of the most prominent international high schools and served as advisor for the Cambridge International Science Competition. She is an avid learner and passionate about STEM education, data science and data visualization.

Side events

Do these themes interest you but you don’t know how to code? Sign up to our side events and discover the thrill of coding, innovation, entrepreneurship and other skills vital to participating in the digital world. The Code Week hackathon side events are scheduled to run from May to October and will include several different types of workshop. They are free of charge, you just have to sign up here. Come and learn more.

Minecraft Education Edition Teacher Academy: Design Your Own Multimedia Learning Environment!

The Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy course will focus on using Minecraft: Education Edition as a teaching and learning tool designed to support important pedagogical practices in the learning environment. At the end of this learning path, you will become a Minecraft certified teacher and receive the badge.
Path participants will learn:
  • Basic mechanics of downloading, setting up and logging into Minecraft: Education Edition
  • In-game play by exploring movement within the game as well as learning the process for placing and breaking blocks
  • Key features of world management and classroom settings
  • Tips on classroom management and readiness
  • An understanding of basic in-game coding
  • Skills that allow for learner collaboration, creativity, and communication
  • How to incorporate engineering practices
  • Chemistry and Science in-game functionality
  • How the game supports learner inquiry and curiosity
Date: Friday 22 October from 17.00-18.30.

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EU Code Week (#CodeWeek) is a grassroots movement run by volunteers to promote digital literacy through activities linked to coding and computer science. It inspires and engages people to explore new ideas and innovation for the future. Activities for EU Code Week take place all over the world between 9 and 24 October.

The idea of the EU Code Week Hackathon is to show how concrete solutions come to life with the help of young people’s creativity, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and coding skills. The hackathons are created and co-organised by the European Commission and local EU Code Week Ambassadors The initiative is financed by the European Parliament

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