Bring your ideas to life!

Do you dream of creating the next big app? Do you know how innovative tech solutions can help your school, town, and region? If you want to be an entrepreneur or have a killer idea to pitch to the world but you don’t know where to start, then your waiting is at an end!

The EU Code Week Hackathon begins with a challenge to develop a code that solves a real-life challenge in just 24-hours. The 5 most successful teams will then receive training and mentoring from experts in this field, in order to prepare them for the second and final round, from which the ultimate winner will be selected. The lucky team will win further coaching and mentoring of their ideas and cool IT equipment. The winning team will also secure a spot at the European pitch where all the hackathon winners will present their ideas to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.

The EU Code Week hackathon is sure to fuel your curiosity, inspire your creativity, encourage your entrepreneurial spirit, and bring your ideas to life.

Practical Info

The final hackathon will take place online the 23-24 September 2021 with the teams that succeed the first round.
The Hackathon is free of charge.


The EU Code Week hackathon has three distinct rounds
  1. The 24-hour online hackathon. Out of all those competing, only 5 teams will be chosen to remain in the competition. Free online training and mentoring for the teams, during summer 2021.
  2. The final hackathon: Secondary school students aged 15-19 will compete in teams to solve a ‘local challenge’ selected from proposals submitted ahead of the first round.
  3. Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021.
In 2021, EU Code Week brings six extraordinary hackathons and invites students aged 15-19 in upper secondary school to form teams and use their coding skills to solve a local challenge. After 24 hours of hacking, each team will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts who will choose the 5 final teams. All teams will have the same amount of time, resources, and access to mentors and expertise in order to complete the challenge, but only 5 will get the chance to continue to the next round, develop their prototype, get expert coaching and take part in the final hackathon in the autumn. In the final the teams will battle it out to decide who wins IT accessories and the chance of mentoring and coaching to further develop their prototype.

Your team is not guaranteed a place in the second round even if you successfully solve the challenge. Remember you are in competition with the other teams and the jury will take your method, use of time and quality of the prototype into consideration to select the successful candidates!

If your team is one of the 5 finalists, you can work on your idea over the summer. To assist you, we will offer you free trainings for development and UX Design. Your team will also get the help of a mentor who ensures that you are on the right path.

The 5 finalist teams will meet online in a 24-hour hackathon. Here teams will compete to be the nation’s best young hackers and get the chance to win prizes such as cool IT equipment as well as further coaching and mentoring of their ideas.

Congratulations to all the participants of this first round of the European Code Week hackathon, it was a real pleasure to have you with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

A special big up to the winning teams. The teams selected for the online final in September are the following:
  • Chain Gang
  • Dream Team
  • SC-Babbage
We look forward to seeing you there. Coaching and rewards guaranteed!

Each national winner will face-off in a European clash of titans where each winning team will pitch their solution to a European jury during the official EU Code Week 9-24 October 2021. The European champion will, besides the glory, win additional IT equipment.

Jury & Mentors

Imagine being in a virtual room full of designers, developers, creators, coders and business mentors, all with the same curiosity and drive as you. EU Code Week Hackathon Ireland brings together leading figures from the Worlds of business, IT, venture capital, education, as well as local, national and EU leaders, influencers and coaches to guide and support you and your team during this intensive marathon.

Anluan Dunne

Anluan is a Client Success Specialist for Red Hat Ireland. He has a background in Linux engineering but started his journey in technology on a Commodore 64.
With over 20 years of experience designing and supporting solutions, Anluan is a results-focussed person who seeks out the best possible result for his clients.

Roisin Faherty

Róisín is a lecturer of computing in the Technological University Dublin, Tallaght Campus. Róisín has over twenty years teaching experience at third level in Computing across many different modules including Database, Analysis and Design and Software Development.
Róisín worked as a Software Engineer and Team Lead in a Computer Based Training company for a number of years before joining the teaching team at TU Dublin.
Róisín has a keen interest in Computer Science Education, delivering computing camps in primary and secondary schools around Ireland, as well as being involved in the delivery of teacher training programmes to promoting computer science to school teachers.

Iseult Mangan

Iseult Mangan, primary school teaching principal in Co Mayo. I'm a Raspberry Pi certified educator, Youth zone Wrangler for Mozfest and mentor with Teen Turn and Coder Dojo.

Florian Moss

Florian is a Solution Architect for Red Hat and has previously worked in Ireland, Australia and Germany. He is working with businesses in Ireland to implement solutions that will drive the next generation, all built by Open Source technology.
As a recent Computer Science graduate from Letterkenny Institue of Technology. Florian also has a good understanding of what it takes to be successful in IT and what options are available in Ireland.


Murph is Chief Architect for Red Hat Ireland; A tinkerer from a young age, he has over 30 years of experience taking things apart and putting them back together in interesting ways.
A full-stack enthusiast, he has interest and experience ranging from 8-bit breadboard computers to open source game engines to JavaScript-based business apps for the web - with stops at every tech along the way.

Amanda Jolliffe

Amanda Jolliffe leads Microsoft Ireland DreamSpace, a STEM Education venue for school communities across Ireland. Amanda is a post-primary teacher by background and is encouraged and inspired by her work with young people throughout her career.
She is excited about how this EU Code Week Hackathon will continue to showcase the incredible potential of our young people to make a real difference.

Kevin O'Flannagain

Kevin O'Flannagain graduated from UCD engineering in 2017 and has over three years experience working with cutting edge hardware and software solutions in optical engineering and robotics.

Matt Hanlon

I'm Matt Hanlon, a longtime software developer, coach, author, and dad. I was a software engineer at Apple on various products and software you probably have in your home or in your pocket.

Kieran Collins

Dr Kieran Collins is an educator, researcher and applied performance scientist. Kieran's education philosophy is based on the development of critical thinking, problem solving and the application of logic with the aim of producing STEM leaders.

Nathan Cahill

Nathan is a software developer with a background in visual art, design and photography. He holds a BA and MA from the National College of Art and Design and a Higher Diploma in Computing from TU Dublin.

Triona Reid

Triona is a Social Worker, Community Worker and long-time Social Justice Campaigner. She has spent much of her life working for NGOs and charities and campaigning for a variety of causes including women’s rights, environmental conservation and housing. She is an experienced community organiser specialising in work that aims to empower and amplify the voices of underrepresented youth. Currently, Triona coordinates the ‘Inspiring the Future Ireland’ project. She is passionate about creating equality of opportunity for all young people, so that they can achieve their full potential.

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EU Code Week (#CodeWeek) is a grassroots movement run by volunteers to promote digital literacy through activities linked to coding and computer science. It inspires and engages people to explore new ideas and innovation for the future. Activities for EU Code Week take place all over the world between 9 and 24 October.

The idea of the EU Code Week Hackathon is to show how concrete solutions come to life with the help of young people’s creativity, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and coding skills. The hackathons are created and co-organised by the European Commission and local EU Code Week Ambassadors The initiative is financed by the European Parliament

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