Imen Tekaya

I'm a computer science Teacher , I'm an eTwinning Ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 5 years in a row and MIE Fellow, I have represented Tunisia in the Microsoft Educator Exchange E2 in Singapore 2018 and have win the second runner up prize in the E2 challenge as Coach of team 28; I had the chance and the priviledge to meet Sir Andreas Schleicher CEO OCDE/PISA September 2018 during the AFS Global Conference where I made a presentation of my eTwinning project. I also had the plaisure to be in Greece during the eTwinning PDW: "To learn how to think in Digital society" where I met my new Italian Friends and the idea of launching a coding Project for Kids came to us. I particpated in the WISE: World Innovation Summit for Education, and many events, I have been awarded among top5 Innovative Educators in Tunisia, and Won eTwinning Prize for the best Middle school Project 2015. I'm an active Educator's Influencer.

Imen Taktak Marzouk

I'm ICT teacher, european eTwinning ambassador, MIEExpert, MIE Master Trainer, National Coach, prized for the national top five Innovative educators 2016 and 2017, awarded for the best national eTwinning project 2016 and 2017, I have animated many national etwinning trainings and hosted many webinars and live events to promote more the relevance of eTwinning in our pedagogical teaching, I have participated in the 4th eTwinning Creative classroom Unconference to present my project as an example of practicing Cultural Heritage, I have participated also in the world Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in the workshop, Innovative Teaching, Drafting a Guidline of best Practice, To hone my professional development, I have participated in many learning events and online courses to learn about innovation in the classroom and school, to develop and improve my practice, to get feedback on my work and to discuss issues I face in my classroom.

Anis amouri

Anis Amouri fine art teacher at Taieb Mhiri school in Sfax , Tunisia . MIE Fellow 2018-2019 MIE Master trainer 2018-2019 MIE TRAINER 2017 -2018 • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2018-2019 • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2017- 2018 • Regional coordinator for Global Art Project foundation on Tunisia. SDG Ambassador I Won National Prize in ETwinning program for the best Project 2018


I am Fatma Bouaziz, computer science teacher in Ali Ennouri middle school from Tunisia, I have been teaching for 13 years,I am a Microsoft Innovator Educator, MIE Master trainer and guest speaker. I teach in public middle schools. In 2017 I started to work with global projects integrating technology in the classroom and giving students access to quality of education developing 21st century skills. Currently, I am working on many new projects which gives the opportunity to reflect on and take action developing 21st century skills which include collaboration, knoweldge building, ICT for learning, problem-solving and skilled communication.