EU Code Week Ambassadors

Czech Republic


David Hellam

I'm a Google Certified Teacher, working at Riverside School in Prague. I teach coding to 11-18 year olds and run an after-school robotics club. We're always looking for opportunities to share and learn from others, so Code Week looks like a great way to connect with similar groups nationally and regionally. Why not join us?

Dan Lessner

Lifelong student and teacher. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to recognize computer science as the empowering and liberating field it is (and I most likely would eventually fix your device, but you will be better off with tech support). So among other things I write a CS textbook for students 15-19 years old (, edit Bebras tasks ( and support many other computing-related activities.

Vera Ondrichova

I am a PR specialist. I help the Czech Code Week to make itself visible. I connect our promoters, organize press conferences, and contact journalists.