Rosanna Kurrer

Rosanna is managing director of CyberWayFinder, a workforce development program that works to bridge the skills gap in the field of Cybersecurity, and is a member of Techies Lab, a technology school in Brussels for children and parents to discover coding, and 3D printing. She is an Architectural Engineer by training and holds a Masters Degree in Building Physics from Kyoto University in Japan. For the past several years, as a certified MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing, she has led hands-on, result-oriented workshops in the areas of computer programming, data visualisation, and 3D design, to promote uptake of digital skills, particularly among girls and women. Today, she manages and develops curricula for the CyberWayFinder Training and Mentorship program, directly filling roles to increase diversity in cybersecurity teams.

Cindy Smits

Cindy is the founder of Digitale Wolven. This non-profit initiative, sponsored by the Cronos group, brings technology to the kids. Digitale Wolven brings all the materials and an experienced teacher to the kids for a fun workshop (programming, robots, websites, ..). The goal is to let them do things themselves and not only consume and to show them that this is really fun! Cindy is also Coderdojo coach for more than 5 years. As a mom of 2 kids she goes with them but also coaches other kids. She also is in the organizing committee of Coolest Projects Belgium.

Ilse Bracke

Ilse Bracke is Research Valorization Director at the University of Antwerp. She has an extensive experience in providing in-depth business & technical strategy for systems solutions, enabling innovation initiatives and implementing systems to generate value out of data within the domains of IoT, Wireless Connectivity and AI. Ilse is passionate about technology, innovation and education. Coach @CoderDojo, she likes to teach coding, robotics and digital technologies to the younger generations.

Martin Mbaga

Martin is an IT Project Manager at the European Commission ( DG ENER) and co-founder of Impala Bridge. ImpalaBridge provide guidance and support for teachers on how to use technology effectively in the classrooms in delivering their curricula. It NGO develops the 21 century skills in schools, through coding and robotics in Belgian and several African countries. ImpalaBridge has a special focus on girls, as one of its aims is to close the gender gap. Since he was a child Martin was fascinated and passionate about robotics and sciences, which is probably the reason why he becomes an electronic engineer. As volunteer "Tech Educator" and @CodeClub Coach, Martin is convinced that digital development and upgrading the skills of our young people can have a huge impact on their opportunities for the future but also on our economies and on society.